Introducing our team of healthcare business and investment professionals who have been drawn together from within Japan and overseas by MIJ’s investment philosophy:



Jun KATSURAPresident & Co-CEO

Jun Katsura has previously served as Executive Director of Business Unit Head at AstraZeneca Japan and Merck Serono Japan. As a member of AstraZeneca Global’s Emerging Compound Development Decision-making Committee, he was involved in emerging compound-related evaluation and decision-making processes. Based on this experience, he evaluates the potential of new drug and medical device digital health enterprises and provides marketing strategy advice. Katsura is one of the very few Japanese people who have worked as a senior manager in the global headquarters of a foreign-owned pharmaceuticals company.
Through this experience, he possesses broad human networks in the healthcare field in not only Japan but also Europe, Israel, the United States, and China, as well as high-quality marketing capabilities.

Motoyasu OHNO

Motoyasu OHNOChairman & Co-CEO

Motoyasu Ohno has a solid human network within the field of healthcare in Japan, as well as a wealth of experience and knowledge. Beginning with CareNet, Inc. (listed on TSE Mothers), which he himself established in 1996, Ohno has built relationships of trust with medical associations and a broad range of other healthcare organization over many years. He has also served as the Director and Secretary-General of the largest pharmaceuticals wholesale group, ASHINOKAI (a federation of nine companies with MS 4,000 people), since the organization’s establishment, and also joined SanBio Co., Ltd. (listed on TSE Mothers) as Management Advisor soon after the company’s establishment. After serving in management positions at Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd.; The Japan Research Institute, Limited; Boston Consulting Group; and medical corporations, he became an entrepreneur.
Ohno graduated from the Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo, in 1986.

Mitsuhiro HATA

Mitsuhiro HATADirector & Chief Administrative Officer

Mitsuhiro Hata is a pioneer in the field of business development consulting for start-ups and large corporations. Beginning with healthcare, he has an impressive performance record as an advisor in the field of innovation overall in addition to an extensive network of supporters. Prior to MIJ’s establishment, he gained a wealth of experience and solid performance record in fund operation as the GP of the CareNet Innovation Investment Limited Partnership. After working at the Boston Consulting Group, Hata led management, operation, and business development at CareNet, Inc. in the company’s early days as one of its founders. At BD Sprint Partners, which he founded, he provides multifaceted support for leading large companies’ business development. Hata also teaches classes on business development at the business schools of Hitotsubashi University and Waseda University.
Hata graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University.


Ko TAKAHASHIChief Strategist

Ko Takahashi has nearly 40 years’ experience on the frontlines and in management of the medical drug field. Working for an American drug manufacturer for some 20 years, he played leadership roles in various areas, from the frontlines of sales activities to marketing, new drug planning and development strategies, and business development. Sensing the inefficiency of drug company push marketing and foreseeing upcoming market changes towards anti-body drugs, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and other specialty drugs, Takahashi joined CareNet, Inc.—a company providing lifelong learning for physicians—in 2006. Though his activities in CareNet’s business development and management, he has built up networks with healthcare enterprises with the United States, Europe, Israel, and India. He provides support for the marketing activities of many drug manufacturers based on a philosophy of “The success of pharmaceuticals and medical devices comes from development strategies premised on post-sales marketing”, and possesses extensive networks in these industries. The database construction using research and information-gathering from specialist physicians in various fields and medical workplaces, and the strategy-building based on this knowledge, that Takahashi provides are powerful weapons for start-up companies.



Yukinori KANEKAWAStrategist

After taking doctorial courses in bio-medical engineering, Yukinori Kanekawa taught at a vocational school for clinical engineering professionals, following which he worked at Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PDMA) and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, where his responsibilities included medical devices and pharmaceuticals administration. Utilizing his knowledge in the fields of engineering, basic medicine, and clinical healthcare, he was mainly responsible for work related to innovative medical devices applying advanced technologies. With medical finance tightening and society’s healthcare and medical needs changing, Kanekawa sensed limitations to healthcare under Japan’s current social security system. Resonating with MIJ’s mission to support start-ups generating new value in healthcare through the circulation of private capital, Kanekawa joined MIJ in September 2018. At MIJ he is responsible for seeds discovery, technology evaluation, and drug development strategies.
His qualifications include ME Technologist (Class 1) and a Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University.


Yuya HOSOKAWAAnalyst

Yuya Hosokawa worked as a registered nurse at The University of Tokyo Hospital and as a home nurse at a home nursing station in Tokyo. Through experience in a diversity of clinical workplaces, he gained broad knowledge of the needs of medical professionals and patients. Hosokawa subsequently worked in the business planning department of CareNet, Inc. and joined MIJ in January 2019. He is responsible for sourcing in the field of life sciences and technological due diligence.
Hosokawa graduated from the School of Medicine, Hokkaido University, and is a registered nurse and public health nurse.


Koichi NIMURALegal Counsel

Nimura is a partner with the Yamashita, Tsuge, and Nimura Law Office. In March 1994, he completed his judicial apprenticeship at The Legal Training and Research Institute of Japan, becoming a registered attorney (Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association). After joining the Yamashita & Tsuge Law Offices in April 1994, he advanced to become a partner in April 1998. In addition to his work in the field of corporate law, he has also served on various advisory committees for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. His areas of expertise include compliance and internal controls, and he has also served as chairman of advisory committees on corporate internal controls of a Japan’s largest credit bureau. Nimura graduated from the Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo.

Executive Advisor



After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, he joined The University of Tokyo Hospital (Department of Internal Medicine No. 1), and he has also had the experience of studying at the University of Chicago in the United States. After joining Teikyo University, he served as vice-president of the Teikyo University Hospital and as Dean of the School of Medicine before taking up his current position as director of the Teikyo Academic Research Center (TARC). Teramoto is a leading researcher in the fields of endocrinology, metabology, and arteriosclerosis science, and has served as president of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine and Japan Atherosclerosis Society. He is currently a director of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences and a director of the Japanese Medical Specialty Board. He has also served on the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and numerous other committees.



Graduating from the National Defense Medical College in March 1990, Yamaguchi joined the Second Internal Medicine Department of the National Defense Medical College Hospital in April of the same year. After working at the Self-defense Forces Central Hospital, he joined the Saitama Cancer Center in August 1996, serving as Head Physician of the Clinical Laboratory Department, Head Physician of the Gastroenterology Department, and then Chief/Director of the Gastroenterology Department. In October 2015, Yamaguchi was appointed as Director of the Gastroenterological Chemotherapy Department, Gastroenterology Center, at The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR. Since then, he has also jointly served as Director of the Clinical Trial Standardization Department, Clinical Trial Development Center; Vice Director of the Clinical Trial Support Department, Clinical Trial Development Center; and Junior Hospital Director. In July 2018, Yamaguchi was appointed as Director of the Clinical Trial Development Center.
He is a member of the Gastric Cancer Treatment Guidelines Committee member; Board Certified Fellow of the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society; Provisional Trainer of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology; member of the Board of Councilors of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology; and part-time instructor (chemotherapy advisor) at the Digestive Tract/General Surgery Department, Saitama Medical Center.

Masuhiro KATO

Masuhiro KATO

Kato graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Engineering, Yokohama National University, in 1975 and received his Master’s degree in life sciences from the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School in 1977. He joined the research institute of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. in the same year. In 1992, he was assigned to work in Dusseldorf, Germany, as the European representative of Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals, Co., Ltd. He joined British company Zeneca PLC in 1996 as the company’s international regulatory affairs manager, returning to Japan in 1997 to take up the position of head of the regulatory affairs department in the R&D division of Zeneca K.K. In 2002, he was appointed as head of the R&D division and vice-president of AstraZeneca K.K.; he then became company president in December 2004, and company chairman in 2011. Retiring from AstraZeneca K.K. in June 2013, Kato took up the position of specially appointed professor in the Translational Research Initiative, The University of Tokyo, in the same month. In April 2018, he became president of MiraBiologics Inc.

Tel Aviv Office

Roy Fonarov

Roy Fonarov

Roy’s career-long advisory record combines finance, strategic development and management success with an innovation perspective and a profound knowledge of Japan-Israel business relations. In his Investment Banking career at GCA Altium and prior to that at KPMG, Roy advised and guided Israeli entrepreneurs and global innovation seekers in several successful cross-border transactions. Roy’s professional expertise lies in both long-range strategic planning and his deep familiarity with the Israeli tech ecosystem. In recent years Roy was fortunate to work closely with brilliant entrepreneurs looking for the right partner to grow their business; with senior executives looking to expand their company’s offerings and with prominent investors searching for the next crop of opportunities in Israel. Roy holds an LLB in Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Tel Aviv University.

Partner (UK & EU)

Bamburgh Capital

Bamburgh Capital

Bamburgh Capital is a boutique Corporate Advisory firm based on the North of England. They offer bespoke advice to businesses and shareholders seeking to raise capital and create then realise value. The team has extensive experience of helping Healthcare businesses across the UK to access a wide range of private and public capital from their national and overseas partners.