Medical Incubator Japan


Mitsuhiro HATAChairman

He is a pioneer in the field of business development consulting for large corporations and start-ups, having led management, operation, and business development at CareNet, Inc. in the company’s early days as one of its founders after gaining experience working at the Boston Consulting Group. In addition to healthcare, he has an impressive performance record as an advisor in the field of innovation overall as well as an extensive network of supporters. Prior to MIJ’s establishment, he gained a wealth of experience and solid performance record in fund operation as GP of the MIJ Healthcare ILP. He is the author of numerous books including Jigyo Kaihatsu Ikki Tsukan (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.) and Puro Jikiden! Seikosuru Jigyokeikakusho no Tsukurikata (Natsumesha CO., LTD.). He is a Visiting Professor at the Hitotsubashi University Business School (HUB).