Medical Incubator Japan

Bringing breakthroughsto healthcare

We are an investment company specializing in healthcare and Comprising a group of professionals in the healthcare business and investment fields. Seeking out innovative start-ups, we carry out exciting investment that brings hope to patients and profit to investors.



MIJ invests in biotechs developing the first-in-class or best-in-class pharmaceuticals, covering from the latest technologies such as regenerative medicine and gene therapy to new chemical entities and biotechs developing devices, digital health, and AI technologies that bring innovation to medical support to patients.

  • CellGenTech, Inc.
  • Modalis Therapeutics Corporation
  • Heartseed
  • Gene Therapy Research Institution Co., Ltd.
  • Hoba Therapeutics Aps


MIJ is a professional group specializing in healthcare investment, combining “global search capabilities,” “in-depth evaluation by healthcare business and investment professionals,” and “hands-on supports leading to successful commercialization.”


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