Medical Incubator Japan


01.Global search capabilities

– We have built a strong network in the healthcare ecosystem community in the UK, Israel and Japan
– We also search for promising biotechs in other areas from networks of reliable local sources.

02.In-depth evaluation by healthcare business and investment professionals

MIJ is a team of private equity investment experts in healthcare,
– Management professionals from Japanese and international business experience.
– Investment professionals with multiple successful exits
– AI experts with specialties in cognitive neuroscience
– Entrepreneurs with IPO experiences
– Experienced ex-examiners at the PMDA

03.Hands-on support
leading to successful commercialization

– We have supporting strategies for investees in the planning and execution of intellectual property, fundraising, research and development, clinical trial execution, regulatory, alliance activities, product distribution, and sales and marketing.
– We have partnered with a group of companies that specialize in supporting the entire business lifecycle of the healthcare market in Japan.