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MIJ invests in Heartseed Inc.

MIJ is pleased to announce that we have recently invested in Heartseed Inc., a myocardial regenerative medicine start-up company.
Heartseed Inc. was launched for the purpose of commercializing technology seeds developed by the Fukuda Laboratory within the Department of Cardiology, Keio University School of Medicine. Heartseed’s proprietary technologies not only selectively generate highly pure ventricle muscle cells from allogeneic iPS cells, but also high-engraftment-rate, efficient, and safe transplantation technologies as well as generation of high-quality iPS cells. It is the only myocardial regenerative medicine company in existence to possess multiple technologies necessary for disseminating myocardial regenerative therapies.
Heartseed’s technologies demonstrate the contractile strength to replace myocardium in which ventricle muscle-specific myocardium have necrotized, and are expected to improve cardiac function and life expectancy for patients with heart failure caused by contractile dysfunction.