We are an incubator providing investment and commercialization support services
specializing in healthcare.

Medical Incubator Japan K.K. (MIJ) to establish a capital and business agreement with SanBio Co, Ltd  

About us


We are an incubator providing investment and commercialization support services specializing in healthcare. It is our mission to provide businesses both in Japan and overseas with the support they need to realize their desire to deliver innovative technologies and services as quickly as possible to Japan’s ever-growing healthcare market.

Business Model

With the cooperation of our network of specialists that includes influencers, leading institutions, and major companies in the healthcare field, we will develop two fields of business—investment in venture companies and commercialization support for undertaking product development and marketing in Japan—thereby contributing to the creation of new added-value in Japan’s healthcare market.

  • Deal sourcing through network with both domestic and international connections

    Venture businesses seeking financial support

      Investment and Incubation

    • -Early stage support: series A investment
    • -Growth acceleration support: series B investment

    Incubation partners

    • -Advice from healthcare industry KOL
    • -Assurance of affiliated medical institutions
    • -Use of 140,000-strong panel of physicians
    • -Introduction to drug/device/distribution companies

    Japan’s growing healthcare market


  • Deal sourcing through network with both domestic and international connections

    Businesses seeking BPO (business process outsourcing)
    services such as product development and marketing

    • Commercialization Support and Acceleration on behalf of clients undertaking product development and marketing in Japan

    SSI Consortium

    MIJ allied with other 5 companies with excellent performance records in the healthcare industry. Provides highly specialized product development/ marketing resources, powerfully supporting achievement of early stage sales

    Japan’s growing healthcare market

    Contingency fee

CEO Message

Jun Katsura - President

Greetings! Thank you for visiting the website of Medical Incubator Japan K.K. (MIJ). MIJ is a company that supports the speedy introduction of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as healthcare-related technology (both in Japan and overseas) into Japan’s growing healthcare market. It is our wish that the companies that MIJ supports achieve success as quickly as possible, providing patients suffering from illness and their families with even better healthcare.

Progress in advanced technologies such as genome analysis and IT has led us into an age when it is now possible to treat intractable diseases that previously could not be treated. There is now intense competition occurring on a global scale to develop the next innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and growth in the healthcare market is beginning to accelerate.

Many innovative technologies are born from venture businesses, yet the majority of venture businesses suffer from a lack of funding and resources. Amongst these are also cases in which companies have achieved recognition and sales success overseas, but are hesitating to enter the Japanese market because they do not know how to expand their business in Japan. Supporting such companies is essential for Japan’s healthcare market to grow.

MIJ provides this support through two business fields. The first of these is “investment and incubation”. By providing financial support appropriate to the client company’s development stage, we accelerate the growth of promising companies. Our second business field is “commercialization support and acceleration”. By providing specialized resources and networks to businesses seeking BPO (business process outsourcing) for development and sales, etc., we assist companies to achieve commercialization, increasing the mobility of “have-not enterprises”.

Even if a technology is innovative, when it is to be used in healthcare in Japan, not only approval from the relevant regulatory authorities, but also the cooperation of many people and organizations—KOL specializing in the relevant field, medical institutions, companies specializing in development, sales, and distribution—are essential. MIJ’s main characteristics are the large size and high quality of our networks in Japan’s healthcare market, which have been cultivated by team members over many years. We take pride in the fact that having these networks distinguishes us from other incubators. Please contact us if you are passionate about succeeding in Japan. We look forward to meeting you soon.



  • Jun Katsura
    President & Co-CEO

  • Motoyasu Ohno
    Chairman & Co-CEO

  • Mitsuhiro Hata
    Director & Chief Administrative Officer

Senior Advisor



  • Legal Counsel

    Koichi NIMURA

    Koichi NIMURA
  • Strategist

    Yukinori KANEKAWA

    Yukinori KANEKAWA

Corporate profile

Company Name Medical Incubator Japan K.K.
Head Office 1-11-28, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Established May 15, 2018
Capital JPY 50 million
President Jun Katsura
Business Segments Investment activities specializing in healthcare Commercialization support services for undertaking the development/marketing of healthcare products and services