An article to which MIJ contributed has been published in the Weekly Economist2020.12.01

MIJ is pleased to announce that an article entitled Honto-ni Tuyoi Baio Iyakukabu
(“Biopharmaceutical Stocks are Truly Strong”), for which MIJ was interviewed, has been
published in the Weekly Economist.
The bio segment continues to be an attractive market, but fields such as antibody drugs, gene
therapy drugs, and regenerative medicine are each undergoing a high degree of specialization
and subdivision. The investors who are supporting the growth of these fields must be capable
of not only providing funding but also making correct judgements and supporting advanced
The contents of the article can also be viewed online. Please click on the link below to access the
Weekly Economist Online: Honto-ni Tuyoi Baio Iyakukabu