MIJ invests in CellGenTech, Inc.2019.03.19

We are pleased to announce that MIJ has invested in CellGenTech, Inc., a bio start-up company that is developing processed cellular therapy products using therapeutic genetically modified human adipocytes. The cellular medical products being developed by CellGenTech, Inc. are based on a revolutionary new concept whereby specific enzymes and functional proteins are replenished through the transplantation of human-derived cells to which the necessary functions have been added into patients’ bodies in order to treat their disease/condition. In February 2017, the company performed the world’s first regenerative medicine/gene therapy utilizing the patient’s own adipocytes to treat familial LCAT deficiency, which is a rare genetic disorder. After a six-month observation period, the therapy was reported to be safe to use as well as to alleviate symptoms of the disorder. CellGenTech, Inc. is continuing its development of this technology with a view to its future application in the treatment of not only LCAT deficiency, but also hemophilia and other diseases/conditions.

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