MIJ enters into a capital agreement with SanBio Co, Ltd.2018.09.19

MIJ has agreed to establish a capital agreement with SanBio Co, Ltd. with the aim of ensuring appropriate use/distribution of the regenerative cell medicine “SB623”, which SanBio is currently developing. Through this agreement, MIJ will not only acquire SanBio shares through the CareNet Innovation Investment Limited Partnership (hereinafter referred to as “CNI”) but also strongly promote appropriate use and distribution of “SB623” in collaboration with the SSI Consortium in addition to playing a hands-on role.

SB623 is a regenerative cell medicine currently being developed in Japan and the United States as a therapeutic medication for treating central nervous system diseases/conditions such as chronic phase cerebral infarction and traumatic brain injury. Under the SB623 Chronic Phase Cerebral Infarction Program, Phase 2b clinical trials are being conducted in the United States, while under the SB623 Traumatic Brain Injury Program, Phase 2 clinical trials are being conducted in Japan and the United States. Utilizing Japan’s Early Approval System, the Japanese SB623 Traumatic Brain Injury Program is aiming to submit an application for drug approval in the period ending January 2020 (February 2019 – January 2020), with high expectations held for SB623 as a new drug candidate.

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