Even if a technology or idea is excellent, the treatment cannot
be used unless the government approves it. Prices are also
decided by the system, and there are also regulations regarding
sales and distribution for delivering treatments to patients.
Business may not necessarily develop as planned. The difficulty
of venture investment in the healthcare field is that risk is
increased by these peculiarities that reside in the system.

The perspective we most value lies, beyond the technologies themselves, in their market success as products. Centered on our richly experienced team, we collaborate with a network of specialists in a diversity of fields in studying the feasibility of potential investment. Where are the patients? Which medical institutions are targeted? How should we view the competitive environment? What issues are there in terms of distribution/diffusion? Can products command prices commensurate with their value? Are there development strategies and regulatory strategies for realizing prices? Going through such discussions, we not only examine the suitability of business plans but also confirm the passion and determination of enterprises’ founders and teams. From development to sales, the healthcare market presents many hurdles over a long period of time. The novelty of the technology or the beauty of the business plan by themselves cannot predict the success of an investment.