MIJ carries out investment activities specializing in healthcare. We provide support for venture businesses, both in Japan and overseas, that have “innovative” technologies with the potential to bring new added value to Japan’s healthcare market. Our target fields include pharmaceuticals developed based on highly advanced technologies such as genomic drug discovery and regenerative medicine and advanced medical devices and systems utilizing AI, IoT, and other information technologies.

We provide two investment courses: Series A Investment (anticipated investment: around US$ 0.5 million) for venture businesses in the early stages of development, and Series B Investment (anticipated investment: around US$ 1–3 million) aimed at accelerating business growth after the product launch on the market.


Fund 1 (CareNetInnovation Investment Limited Partnership)

The Fund was structured to invest in enterprises and funds that contribute to healthcare x ICT and innovative healthcare.

・CareNet, Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 2015) The Fund acquires majority shares through friendly TOB, reviving performance and stock prices through management support.
・SanBio Co, Ltd. (TSE 4592): MIJ has arranged a capital and business alliance among five companies conducting joint research on methods for the proper use, diffusion, and stable distribution of SanBio’s regenerative cell medicine SB623, while at the same time acquiring SanBio shares through our investment fund.

Other investment destinations include MODALIS (a Japanese ground-breaking genome editing venture business), TARO Ventures (a hands-on fund of emerging businesses), and China-related funds.

  • CN CareNet
  • SanBio