・Start-up companies in Japan and overseas that are developing first-in-class or best-in-class products ranging from cutting-edge technologies such as regenerative medicine and gene therapy to the low molecular weight field.・Start-up companies in Japan and overseas that are developing medical devices or digital health services that bring innovation to the provision of healthcare services.

Investment Stage

Focusing on the comparatively early stage Series A, we assemble portfolios that also support Series B for planning and carrying out business expansion.

Limited Partner (LP)

We also welcome healthcare business companies as investors. In making investments, business companies focus more on potential for new business development than on capital gains. At MIJ, when a business company joins a project as an LP, we are meticulous in gaining understanding in advance of the company’s fields of interest and paying constant attention to the consistency of these interests with our portfolio. We report the progress of investee companies to the relevant LPs, generating opportunities for collaboration between the LP and investee company to coincide with developmental or licensing milestones.