The environment surrounding the healthcare industry is changing rapidly due to the emergence of new technologies such as gene therapy, regenerative medicine, non-invasive devices, and AI (artificial intelligence), and it is thought that innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices developed with new technologies will increase moving forward.Even if a company possesses outstanding technology and/or innovative pharmaceutical/medical device candidates, there are cases in which the company does not have sufficient management resources or experience in each business process from clinical development to sales, as well as cases in which the company is an overseas emerging venture business and therefore does not have a base for activity in Japan. Such enterprises need support to enable them to speedily carry out clinical development, formulate meticulous marketing plans, and execute plans for reaching peak sales.

In order to fulfill these needs, MIJ has established the “SSI Consortium”, an allied team with various companies that have accumulated know-how and proven performance in different business fields within Japan’s healthcare market. The consortium can provide, by combining each member’s capability together, one-stop services for the various processes ranging from clinical testing to approval applications, market launch preparation, sales, and safety evaluations—thereby formulating and implementing from the clinical development stage meticulous plans to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching sales targets. Leading the SSI Consortium, MIJ responds to the needs of companies desiring BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) for product development and marketing in Japan’s healthcare market, providing support to enable each client company to achieve their sales targets as quickly as possible.


  • Overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device manufacturers that has been approved overseas and wish to obtain approval to sell their products in Japan.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan that do not have a sales/marketing structure or do not have sufficient resources, but wish to expand their sales within Japan.


・SanBio Co, Ltd.
MIJ has arranged a capital and business alliance among MIJ-related companies for the proper use, diffusion, and stable distribution of SanBio’s regenerative cell medicine SB623—which is also playing a leading role in the central nervous system field—while at the same time providing consultation services and commercialization support.

SSI consortium


SSI consortium

Medical Incubator Japan K.K.Investment and consultation services
for venture businesses in the healthcare field


ASKLEP Inc.Post-marketing surveillances,
patient support services

Pharma Information Network 株式会社医薬情報ネット

Pharma Information Network Inc.Advertising agency services for ethical pharmaceuticals,
academic society database services

CN CareNet

CareNet,Inc.Marketing support for pharmaceutical companies,
support for patient recruitment in clinical development

Golden Child Co.,Ltd. 株式会社ゴールデン・チャイルドGolden Child Co.,Ltd. 株式会社ゴールデン・チャイルド

Golden Child Co.,LtdPlanning/running of lectures and workshops,
etc., for pharmaceutical companies


MacromillCarenet, Inc.Medical surveys of physicians,
patients, etc.


臨床開発 上市準備 上市期 成長期 申請 承認 上市 安全性評価 適応症拡大 リサーチ(市場性など) リサーチ(マーケティング用) KOLの発掘 治験施設選定  全国調査支援 製造販売後調査 < Preマーケティング > 疾患啓発活動 / 患者アドボカシー活動 /デジタルコミュニケーション < マーケティング > e プロモーション / 講演会 / 患者発掘活動 /MR活動支援 / 患者アドボカシー活動 /デジタルコミュニケーション 申請 サポート 製品情報概要の 制作・運用臨床開発 上市準備 上市期 成長期 申請 承認 上市 安全性評価 適応症拡大 リサーチ(市場性など) リサーチ(マーケティング用) KOLの発掘 治験施設選定  全国調査支援 製造販売後調査 < Preマーケティング > 疾患啓発活動 / 患者アドボカシー活動 /デジタルコミュニケーション < マーケティング > e プロモーション / 講演会 / 患者発掘活動 /MR活動支援 / 患者アドボカシー活動 /デジタルコミュニケーション 申請 サポート 製品情報概要の 制作・運用

The SSI Consortium can provide one-stop services efficiently and effectively
by bringing each member company’s capability together.