SanBio Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s top runners in the development of
regenerative therapies for damaged brain tissues through regenerative
medical technology using stem cells. This technology is steadily clearing
clinical trials as a treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and is
expected to obtain worldwide approval, beginning with Japan, in the near future.
Exceptional insight, perseverance, and passion—it is for these
qualities of them that MIJ added SanBio. to our investment portfolio. How
wonderful it would be if our investment were able to help patients
suffering from physical disabilities caused by brain injuries to regain their
smiles! And the value of this technology does not stop at TBI—its
application in the treatment of cerebral infarction (stroke) is also being considered.

MIJ aims to discover enterprises with cutting-edge technologies capable of transforming conventional wisdom concerning healthcare, invest in these enterprises and support their growth in order to bring new value to the patients and medical professionals who need these technologies. Accordingly, we share the fruits of mutual prosperity with all our partners and investors who have provided their cooperation in our investment and growth-support activities, aiming towards the creation of further value.